As of March 18th 2020, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus),
the Canadian Government will bar foreign nationals entry to Canada.
(Except for: Nationals of United States, Crew members, transit passengers, Canadian permanent residents, diplomats, or immediate family members of Canadian citizens)

Traveling to Canada? Make sure to get an eTA before you go!

Visa-exempt foreign nationals who are flying to or transit need to apply for an eTA.


Please check and confirm our service contents, funds, refund policies before using our service.NOTICE: CANADA eTA Application Service does not confirm your entry to Canada. CANADA eTA Application Service apply for an eTA on your behalf by cost of $69USD per application.

What is an "eTA"

An eTA is required for any visa-exempt foreign nationals who are travelling to Canada by air. Although you can apply for an eTA anytime, The Government of Canada suggests tourists to apply as soon as you have decide to visit Canada. You must have your eTA approved before the entry to Canada. Otherwise your entry will be rejected. If your entry to Canada is by sea or road (Car, Bus, or Walk), eTA is NOT needed. Once your eTA has been confirmed by Canadian government, your eTA will be valid for 5 years. However, since the eTA and your passport is linked by the Canadian government's system, if your passport expires within the 5years, your eTA will as well be expired. An eTA system has started in August 2015 and been mandatory for the tourist in March 2016. You can simply apply for an eTA online.

Who needs to get an eTA?

- Any visa-exempt foreign nationals who is entering Canada. Entry includes immigration, re-immigration, and Transit.
-Any visa-exempt foreign nationals who is flying to Canada.
-Any visa-exempt foreign nationals (excluding US Nationality) needs to get an eTA.

These are people who do NOT need an eTA:
- Who has Permanent Residence Card of Canada.
- Who has US Nationality Citizenship.
- Who will not use air to enter Canada. (Car, Bus, Ship, Cruise, and etc.)
- Who holds Visa approved AFTER 1st of August, 2015. (Students Visa, Working Holidays, etc)
*If your visa satisfies remission conditions, you need to get an eTA.

What will I need to apply for an eTA?

Applying for an eTA can be easily done online. You will need to have followings: Your Passport, Credit Card, and your E-mail address. Your passport needs to be valid 1 day after the day you leave from Canada. In order to use our services, you need to agree on our protocols. And all items required should be truthful information. If your information happens to be a false information, your eTA will definitely be rejected by Canadian government. Once you have a confirmed eTA, your eTA information will be linked to your passport information. The immigration officers at Canadian airport have the final authority for your immigration and we do not hold any responsibility at all.

Electronic Travel Authorization

eTA Application Service will apply eTA on your behalf.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many days will it take my eTA to be approved?

We strongly suggest that you apply for an eTA as soon as possible. The exact arriving/leaving dates are not mandatory for application.

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I have applied with wrong information

If there is an information error between your passport and eTA, the entry to Canada will be rejected. In that case, you will need to apply from the start with the truthful information. Please be careful and make sure you apply with a right information.

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What do I do after I get eTA?

We send an email to your address with your personal eTA number. We strongly suggest that you keep the number. The copy of email is not necessary in the immigration process. However in some unforeseen cases, your eTA numbers may be needed. If your eTA has not approved, you will need to apply for Canadian Visa.

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About our service, User Policy, Information Protections, and Precautions.

CANADA eTA Service JAPAN helps you with your application to get an eTA. You can apply for an eTA at our website 24hour everyday of the year by the cost of $69USD per appliation. If you have any trouble, our consulting via emal is available for free. An eTA is required for any visa-exempt foreign nationals who is flying to Canada without a visa. And we strongly recommend you to apply as soon as you decide to visit Canada. An eTA should be applied at least 72hours before the actual flight. Our website helps you apply for an eTA on your behalf. After the application, we send our supporting mail, copy of your application form, and your eTA approval result by e-mail. In case you have not received our e-mail, please send us your passport information (Name, Sex, Nationality, Passport No.) to our support center. If your passport information are not identified, we will not be able to help you. Please make sure you have all the correct information. Before applying for an eTA at our website, please check and confirm our service profile, the payment, and our user policy. Make sure you are qualified for applying an eTA. In most cases, Canadian government excempt Visa and requires an eTA if your visit to Canada is for sightseeing and stay less than 6months.
Information you send to us will be encrypted safely. And your credit card information will be sent to the online payment company directly. Therefore your card information will not be accessible to us. The time needed for the examination is 72hours in most cases. However due to the Canadian government online system, it may take more than 72hours. If you do not receive your results within 72hours, please contact us.
We do not accept any cancelling. And we do not have a re-fund service at any circumstances. If the information you put down and applied were false, you will need to apply again with same amount of fee. This is due to Canadian government eTA system. Once the application has been sent to the government, there is no way you can cancel the process. Our website system sends the information to Canadian government right away. Therefore there will be no way to cancel, or re-fund at all. However in some cases, if the application form has not sent to the Canadian government, there is a high chance to stop the process. However the re-fund fee will be maximum 50% of the total cost.
An eTA application is only available on web. You must fly with the eTA approved passport. You may apply for an eTA as much as necessary, but remember that it will cost every time. And there will be no refund at any cases. An eTA will not guarantee your entry to Canada. The immigration officers at Canadian airport have a final authority of your immigration. Your eTA number and passport number will be linked online, therefore there is no need for you to print the eTA confirm e-mail. However we strongly recommend for you to keep your eTA numbers in unforeseen cases. In case the results does not arrive on time, we will help you contact Canadian government, however it wll take about 12 working days.