As of March 18th 2020, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus),
the Canadian Government will bar foreign nationals entry to Canada.
(Except for: Nationals of United States, Crew members, transit passengers, Canadian permanent residents, diplomats, or immediate family members of Canadian citizens)

How to fill out the eTA application form

To travel to Canada without a visa it is necessary to get an electronic travel authorization (eTA) in advance. For that you need to apply online via this application form.

Before you submit your application, please make sure you filled in your correct information. As you cannot change your application details after you submitted, you would need to reapply and pay the application fees again to correct your application details.
For this reason, we ask you to be careful when filling out the application form.

In case you are not quite sure how to fill in one field, you can see a help box by hovering with your cursor over the question mark icon.

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1) Have you ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry to, or ordered to leave Canada or any other country/territory?*
2) Have you ever committed, been arrested for, been charged with or convicted of any criminal offence in any country/territory?*
3) In the past two years, were you diagnosed with tuberculosis or have you been in close contact with a person with tuberculosis? *
4) Do you have one of these conditions?*
・Untreated syphilis
・Untreated drug or alcohol addiction
・Untreated mental health condition with psychosis

Consent and declaration

I declare that the information I have stated in this application is truthful, complete and correct. I understand Terms and Conditions and policies of CANADA eTA Application Services and will not form any objection against the service. I understand that misrepresentation is an offence under section 127 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and may result in a finding of inadmissibility to Canada or removal from Canada. I agree that by typing my name and clicking sign, I am electronically signing my application.
*Remember that if you hold a valid Canadian permanent residence card, you do not need an eTA only the residence card.

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In case an error occurs, please check if you put in the correct last name. Your last name must be the same as the on on the top of the application form.

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